Meet the Farmer TM

Meet your global neighbors, who nurture and grow amazing coffee. Your choice makes their livelihoods possible, year-around and for generations to come.

Andrés Chacon


Alejandro Llanten Llanten

La Cristalina

Luz Chacon

Luna De Miel

Reinerio Gomez

La Palma

32 Million Families
rely on coffee
for their livelihoods.
Your coffee purchase can make
a difference. VOTE with your dollar
and create positive impact in the
lives of farmers.
Farm Level Impact
This Coffee
meets or exceeds
Living Income

Trusted Certificates


Bwè Kafe

Hoboken, NJ, USA.

Bwè Kafe sourced this coffee on the iFinca platform providing higher incomes for farmers and their families.

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